Winning bitcoins on our site is easy!
Attend/participate in as many lottery draws as you’d like. We have lotteries with small prizes which can be attended for free and draws with BIG prizes, for example 1 Bitcoin! To attend these lotteries you can purchase one or more tickets for a very low entry fee.


All you need is an email and Bitcoin address, and you are set to go!
When registering for an account, please use a valid email address .Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address are not allowed in order for you to attend our lotteries or have a Mybtclottery viable account !

Lottery drawings
Our system randomly selects the winners for each lottery when the countdown ends.
We announce the winners immediately, online and via email. (To check directly if you have
won a lottery – just access the site again as soon the countdown ends.)

The Winnings are automatically paid to your bitcoin wallet!
Make sure to enter your bitcoin address when you registered your MyBTCLottery account.
You can also edit the address on the “My Account” menu anytime.

Minimum Lottery Tickets
Some of our lottery draws require a minimum amount of sold lottery tickets.
If for example the prize is 1 Bitcoin we cannot play that draw if only a ticket for
0.01 BTC is sold. In such a case when the minimum tickets are not sold till the countdown ends
we refund lottery tickets 1:1 to every user who participated in that draw.

Do you have any questions?
Our team will be happy to assist.
Access the contact form to submit your question or request.