Win 0.01 Bitcoin (ID1606)


Winner is: bamster


Product Description

Lottery to win 0.01 Bitcoin!
Your Chance of Winning this Lottery:

Buy a lottery ticket now for only 0.00333 bitcoin and win up to 3 times (!) your spendings.
Our system randomly selects 1 winners when the countdown ends or when we sold the total
available 3 lottery tickets (whatever comes first).

 Calculate Your Chance of Winning this Lottery:
– In total we sell max. 3 lottery tickets from this draw
– If you buy 1 tickets your chances to win are mathematically 33,33%!

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Date User
2016-10-01 10:48:12jasonmartin
2016-09-30 21:11:00bamster
2016-09-30 20:56:27saidiredha
2016-09-30 00:42Lottery started


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