Win 0.8 Bitcoin (ID1876)


Winner is: jason


Product Description

Lottery to win 0.8 Bitcoin!
Your Chance of Winning this Lottery:

Buy a lottery ticket now for only 0.16 bitcoin and win up to 5 times (!) your spendings.
Our system randomly selects 1 winners when the countdown ends or when we sold the total
available 5 lottery tickets (whatever comes first).

 Calculate Your Chance of Winning this Lottery:
– In total we sell max. 5 lottery tickets from this draw
– If you buy 1 tickets your chances to win are mathematically 20%!

Minimum Lottery Tickets
This lottery draw requires a minimum amount of sold lottery tickets.
In general all tickets are sold till the countdown ends. However should this draw not
reach the minimum ticket sale, we refund all lottery tickets to every user who participated in this draw.

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Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Date User
2016-10-04 00:07:04vegasplayer
2016-10-03 17:44:26bamster
2016-10-03 01:21:31dtrump1
2016-10-02 23:39:11chriis
2016-10-01 16:13:36jason
2016-10-01 00:05Lottery started


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